Welcome to an authentic piece of Bamberg's history!

The “Weierich” in the heart of the city of Downtown Bamberg is an integral part of the city's history. For centuries – about 650 years – warmth, friendliness and hospitality have been attributed to the Weierich.
Arrive here, put down your luggage, let's accommodate you. That's what it feels like checking in to the Weierich Hotel. The affectionate welcome, the feel-at-home attitude, an establishment shaped by its own personality.
Weierich welcomes you in its own unique way. To arrive at the Weierich is just like arriving at home.



You will appreciate its central location: In just a few minutes, you can walk to all major sights and institutions of Bamberg.

Over time, as the needs and expectations of our guests have constantly evolved, so has the Weierich Hotel. We rebuilt, annexed, modernized, and always prepared for the future by being on par with the latest standards of technology.



No matter the season, you just step outside and find yourself in the midst of all of Bamberg, its rich history, its dressy and nifty boutiques and stores, and its known hospitality.
Come and have a wonderful and exciting time with unforgettable moments.


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